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EU IDEA puts together 15 EU and extra-EU partners in a joint research and dissemination effort coordinated by Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), since January 2019 and lasting for three years.

The EU IDEA’s consortium has been set up with the aim to achieve the project’s three expected impact – scientific, policy, and public – according to the highest standards. In building the consortium, the following criteria have been taken into account:

  • Academic excellence of the research team, made up of qualified, skilled, and experienced people, most of whom have a track record of working in international projects together;
  • Well-established reputation of the partner institutions as internationally renowned centres of academic excellence, policy-oriented research, and dissemination activities, such as convening, publications, and communication (videos, podcasts, social media, etc.);
  • Experience in managing international network-based projects, including projects funded by the European Commission’s Framework Programmes (FPs).
  • Appropriate mix of academic institutions and think tanks to ensure the highest standards in realizing the ambition of the project, in terms of conceptual approach, policies and networks. The participation of a media partner will enrich the consortium with expertise on convening, dissemination, and media covering. The involvement of a leading survey-making company will also provide a solid basis to the survey-related research.
  • Solid expertise in all policy fields that EU IDEA will focus on, so as to ensure an in-depth analysis and the required level of interdisciplinary in the research effort. Each partner will be involved in more than one WP and often will collaborate with others for the production of a deliverable, albeit with clearly identified tasks and division of labour.
  • European geographic comprehensiveness, with partners based in nine EU Member States plus UK, from different areas of the Union (Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain), two EU candidate countries (North Macedonia, Turkey), and two third-countries (Norway, Switzerland).
  • Gender balanced consortium, which will be coordinated by a female Project Coordinator, in which female scholars will lead seven out of fourteen research teams and seven out of eleven Work Packages, four out of nine members of the Executive Board and three out of seven members of the Advisory Board are women, while women are well represented in the consortium as a whole.