Jacques Delors Institute (JDI), France

Jacques Delors Institute, European Policy Centre, Istituto Affari Internazionali, Centre for International Information and Documentation in Barcelona

WP 4 will analyse different institutional arrangements and policy practices of differentiation in the field of the Economic and Monetary Union and the single market. The aim is to discuss the opportunities, benefits and risks of more or less differentiation in this policy field and compare the different practices of differentiation as regards to their impact on effective governance, EU’s narratives on constitutionalism and identity, sustainability and legitimacy. On this basis, the WP will also formulate policy recommendations to both EU and national policy-makers on how to approach differentiation in this policy field.

More specifically, the WP will:

  1. Analyse how different practices of differentiation in EMU and the single market affect EU´s policy-making, problem-solving and policy implementation capacity in these areas;
  2. Analyse how and to which extent different differentiation practices in the EMU and the single market guarantee the respect to EU´s basic principles such as political unity, legal uniformity and respect for core values such as rule of law and solidarity;
  3. Analyse the sustainability of different degrees and types of differentiation, paying particular attention to the centripetal/centrifugal dynamics within the EMU and the sustainability of commitments taken by non-EU members participating in the single market;
  4. Analyse and compare the mechanisms generating and ensuring the accountability of the different legal/organizational patterns of differentiated integration within the EMU and as regards third countries’ participation in the single market.